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About the complex

The residential complex “Britanica” has got a very beneficial location. The complex is situated in the suburbs of Kiev at the following address: Irpen, 31 Poltavskaya Street.
It should be noted that the transportation is very comfortable here.

The location is only 15 minutes drive from Kiev that let You live in the ecologically clean area and be involved into impetuous city life. You can get to the complex not only by car but also by public means of transportation from the metro stations “Akademgorodok” and “Obolon”. There are direct buses from the metro station “Obolon”.

The infrastructure of the area is very developed. There are kindergartens, schools, medical establishments, fitness centers, restaurants, bank branches, different services not far from the RC.

At first we tried to realize an idea of modern housing in English style. The RC “ Britanica” can be compared with the United Kingdom whose little yards can keep its secrets.

When designing the residential complex we took into account all modern requirements for the buildings of this type. Building the RC “ Britanica” we used modern technologies and ecologically clean building materials.

The apartments in the RC “ Britanica” have got improved layouts, the functionality of all areas provides a wide choice when buying an apartment, which come to the tastes of young families and big ones as well.

The residential complex «Britanica» corresponds to the idea of modern housing in English style completely.


Fresh air
BBQ area
15 minutes from Kiev's city limits


Apartment purchase

After making an advance payment, you can guarantee to book the apartment you selected for a period of 5 to 7 days, as well as individually specify the possibility of receiving discounts with sales staff.

One of the options for registering a transaction is 100% payment. After making an advance payment, you can guarantee to reserve the apartment you selected for a period of 5 to 7 days, as well as individually specify the possibility of obtaining discounts with sales staff. This option of buying an apartment can be divided into several stages:

  • the choice of an apartment and its layout;
  • making an advance payment for booking an apartment;
  • registration of purchase, signing of the contract of purchase and sale of property rights with the developer;
  • making the remaining part of the payment in accordance with the signed contract.

Our company offers the purchase of housing in installments. Installment is provided by the developer on favorable terms. The minimum down payment is 20% of the cost of the selected apartment. To clarify the conditions, please contact the sales department.


Comfort Life is a comfortable life.

To lead a comfortable and peaceful life one needs to have his own house like a reliable fortress. Since 2010 we have been building houses that meet your expectations and correspond to your vision of comfort and safety. Comfort Life is a comfortable life.

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31 Poltavskaya Street Irpen

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24/1 Gostomel Highway Irpen

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"Easy Start"

Buy an apartment for the most favorable conditions!

Minimum initial payment of 20% and you become the owner of the apartment!


The program "Affordable housing"

This have not happened before! In the residential complexes Comfort Life Development launched the program "Affordable Housing".

Find out all details in the sales department of the corresponding complex.


Apartments with repair

Apartments with repairIt's time to rationally manage your money! Do not miss your opportunity to buy an apartment with a repair / designer repair in the installment!


Ready-made apartments in PASSAGE 0%

Excellent savings and a gift for the family! When buying an apartment in installments - the interest rate is only 0%.


Heating system as a gift

When buying an apartment you can get a Double-circuit gas boiler and radiators in the Gift.